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> When must the monitoring plan be modified?

When must the monitoring plan be modified?

Companies must check regularly, and at least annually, that  a ship's monitoring plan reflects the nature and operations of the ship and whether the monitoring methodology could be improved.

Companies shall modify the monitoring plan in any of the following situations:
  • where a change of company occurs
  • where new CO2  emissions occur due to new emission sources or due to the use of new fuels not yet contained in the monitoring plan
  • where a change in availability of data, due to the use of new types of measuring equipment, new sampling methods or analysis methods, or for other reasons, may affect the accuracy of the determination of CO2  emissions
  • where data resulting from the monitoring method applied has been found to be incorrect
  •  where any part of the monitoring plan is identified as not being in conformity with the requirements of this Regulation 
Companies shall notify to the verifiers without undue delay any proposals for modification of the monitoring plan.

Modifications of the monitoring plan shall be subject to assessment by the verifier. Following the assessment, the verifier shall notify the company whether those modifications are in conformity.

Source: Regulation 2015/757 Art.7

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