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What are the key deadlines?

The most imminent deadline associated to the EU MRV is the 31 August 2017: ship operators must by then submit the monitoring plan of every individual ship they operate to an independent accredited verifier who will conduct an assessment of the monitoring to ensure that it complies with the requiremens of the Regulation. This assessment must be successfully completed before the start of the 2018 monitoring period (e.g. by 31 December 2017).
Although the deadline for the submission of the Monitoring Plan is 31 August 2017, ship operators are strongly recommended to begin drafting their Monitoring Plan without delay and have it assessed by an independent verifier so that any issue is identified and corrected in a timely manner.
In terms of key legal deadlines that must be adhered to, shipowners should take particular notice of the following:
  • 31st August 2017 – deadline for the submition of the MP to a verifier
  • 31st December 2017 – deadline for the successful assessment of the MP by the verifier
  • 1st January 2018 – start of first monitoring period
  • 31st December 2018 – end of first monitoring period
  • 30th April 2019 – deadline to provide the final verified emission report to the Commission
  • 30th June 2019 – need to carry Document of Compliance on-board each ship

Source: Regulation 2015/757 Art. 6, 11 and 18

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